Welcome to Cubed Energy Solution!


CUBED is your one-stop shop for all your energy needs. Our group of experts can provide and assist you with all the resources needed to complete your project.

Integrated Solutions:

As a collaborative partner, CUBED will integrate cutting edge technology into your business in order to provide the greatest return on your investment. With our help you will cut costs and save money, allowing your business to thrive and protect its bottom line.

Multiple Opportunities:

Whether its solar, wind, solar thermal, lighting, energy efficiency products or any combination CUBED is the solution. CUBED's new programs offer outstanding energy saving or electricity generation opportunities including financing and in many cases with no out of pocket cost to the customers. Let CUBED facilitate, develop and manage your projects today!

Save Money Now!

CUBED partnering with Trans-Lux and the IBEW/NECA offers new LED lighting products and a new LED lighting program. In many cases we can reduce your electric bill by a minimum of 30% and at no cost to you - see if you qualify! Visit out LED section.

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